Hello. My name is Steven. In some circles I'm known as Polarbear.         This still makes me giggle ten years on. This is my website. I like it.

I will change the words on this 'ABOUT' page regularly because summing up yourself and leaving it there is embarrassing. For now, here's what I'm about...

I come from a place of talkers. Storytellers. People who can pull you in and take you with them.

My cousin’s explicit descriptions of laying down with girls, long before I'd even kissed one.

Uncle Lenny talking about walking into a National Front pub over in Northfield with a machete, going up to the bar, laying the blade down and calmly ordering a white rum.

Granddad telling us about getting broom handle beatings with nine younger brothers just for stealing pumpkin seeds. 

Nan, cooking breakfast, reminiscing over her shoulder about some German priest offering to renounce the church and proposing to her on the boat over.

Surrounded by all these characters, every day I swam in a soup of stories. Soaking up every detail. Logging every image. Saving them to speak. 

But I never knew a writer. They didn't exist.

Now check me out.